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Dark Soul's father is back. Demon's Soul

Dark Soul's father is back. Demon's Soul Image / PlayStation Have you ever heard of the game called DarkSoul ? If you are a game-loving gamer, you may have heard of a game called Dark Soul. Dark Soul is a Trilogy game with a total of three series. Unlike other games that lower the difficulty level to provide an easy and comfortable experience to players, it is a series of games that have shocked the game industry based on high difficulty and unique elements. The restrained, heavy-handed action, the battle with the huge bosses and the freedom to kill NPCs at will gave many gamers a fresh shock. The game is so insincere that it is hard to understand the story in detail, but behind this storytelling, there are many interesting settings. While playing the game, you will encounter various traps and complex maps, but they are all organically connected, so these can be both advantages and disadvantages. It boasts a monster level of difficulty and claims to be a dark fantasy. It
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The hottest game in January 2021! RUST

The hottest game in January 2021! RUST Image / Facepunch In 2020, 'Among Us' became a popular game with people's love. Strangely, there are some games that are suddenly loved by people, even though they are not released every year. Of course, these games appeared this year as well. The name of the game is RUST. RUST was released in 2013 as a sandbox survival game. The game was created by Facepunch Studio , a British game developer founded by Gary Mode's producer, and begins with no equipment like Minecraft. The goal of the game is to make an emergency landing on an island with no elements and survive in the fight against wild animals, cold, and hunger. This game also requires cooperation because it does not support single play and can only be multiplayer. Individuals, not official servers, can create private servers and gather only those who want to play games together to enjoy the games. For this reason, many streamers are now creating private servers to play gam

How will the League of Legends change in 2021?

How will the League of Legends change in 2021? Image / League of Legneds League of Legends is a game that has been loved by many people for more than a decade. This season will be the 2021 or 11 season of the League of Legends. However, the system of this item has completely changed compared to the existing game. There has never been a season that has changed on such a large scale. It doesn't look much different on the outside, but if you look inside, is what I've been playing right now the League of Legends? A lot has changed to the point where I can't help but wonder. Although he tried to make players experience changed systems and items through pre-season, it is very difficult to adapt. In this post, we're going to talk about the changes in the League of Legends' new season. I hope you follow me well. Shouldn't we win this season? Image /  League of Legneds Large-scale item reorganization There's a lot to be said about this. The League of Legends h

Monster Hunter is back on the switch. Monster Hunter : Rise

Monster Hunter is back on the switch. Monster Hunter : Rise Image / Nintendo Monster Hunter is a series of hunting action games released by Capcom in 2004. The player becomes a hunter in the game and does it at the request of the guild or people. The main goal of the quest is to hunt or capture large and powerful monsters. The game is not about nurturing characters, but about using monsters to get better materials and make stronger characters by making stronger weapons and equipment. Unlike other RPG games, it is difficult to see the use of elements such as magic because they exclude fantasy elements. All you need to hunt monsters is a physical weapon. Monster Hunter has many special elements. Monsters are defined as part of an ecosystem where they live together without setting them as evil. Therefore, all hunting can only be done through guild quests to prevent the extinction of monsters. It has been 17 years since Monster Hunter was released. Monster Hunter : World a new titl

A new year has dawned. 2021! Happy New Year!

A new year has dawned. 2021! Happy New Year! Image / Pixabay In 2020, I started my blog and covered a lot of information about games. It's a blog activity that I started as a hobby, but I'm going to be more professional in 2021. I would like to express my gratitude to many readers who read my writing. We are going to proceed with the post that looks back on 2020. I wrote a post about many games in 2020. I'd like to introduce you to some of the articles I wrote that received the most response from people. When I write on my blog, I write through a lot of research. If you are interested in my post, please read all the articles introduced in this post. You won't regret it. My blog covers news about games, game introductions, and information about games. If you are a game-loving gamer, you will be interested in these writings. Now, let's start the post. Please read slowly and follow me. Image / Steam Store Completed mafia game that you can enjoy online. Among Us

How did the Last of Us Part 2 win the game awards 2020?

How did the Last of Us Part 2 win the game awards 2020? Game Awards 2020 is the best game of 2020. The previous game awards were held with many people, but due to COVID-19 Pandemics , they were broadcast in different locations. Every year, many people's attention is focused on the game awards. Because no one knows which game will take the place of glory. Of course, a rough estimate is possible, but it's very difficult to predict it accurately. There were quite a few variables in 2020. Due to the epidemic, the majority of games have been delayed in release, and people's economic activities have decreased, resulting in less sales of games than in 2019. Many great games have been nominated for the award, but the last of them is The Last of Us Part 2. In this post, let's find out what kind of game The Last of Us Part 2 is and how it was loved by people. Image / Amazon The Last of Us The Last of Us Part 2 is a sequel to The Last of Us, released in 2013. The Last o

Enjoy Pokémon in reality Pokémon go

Enjoy Pokémon in reality Pokémon go Image / Pokémon Go There is a game that we have liked since childhood. It is a Pokémon. There's probably no one who hates the game called Pokémon. Even if you haven't enjoyed the game, there will be no one who doesn't know Pokémon. But to enjoy Pokémon, we need Nintendo's game console. I used to have to force myself to buy a game console to play a game called Pokemon. However, there is a way to relieve this inconvenience and enjoy the game. It is Pokemon Go. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that can be played on a smartphone. Therefore, you can enjoy the game even if you don't buy expensive game consoles. So what do I want to say? In this post, we will learn about Pokémon Go. We don't have much time! Follow me quickly. Pokémon? What's that? There may be some people who don't know what Pokemon is. At least there are no such people around me. But just because most people like Pokemon, not everyone likes