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Diablo II: Resurrected. Remastered after 20 years.

Diablo II: Resurrected. Remastered after 20 years.

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Now there is news that many gamers are cheering. Diablo 2's remaster was announced at the BlizzCon event on February 20, 2021. The subtitle of the new game is Resurrected. Diablo is an old classic game. Although the game was released 20 years ago, so far, there are many people who enjoy it.

I was also shocked to see my cousin play this game when I was very young. The graphics and dark atmosphere that I've never seen before have been enough to arouse children's interest. Of course, Diablo 2 has a dark atmosphere, so there were many children who were scared of this game. It's amazing that Diablo 2 that brought so many people memories will be remastered. In this post, we will learn about the Diablo series and how Diablo 2 is remastered.

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The Diablo series is an action role-playing game series by Blizzard Entertainment. The Diablo series is a fatherly work of the "Hack and Slash" genre. Diablo is the first game that comes to mind when you talk about this genre of game. The Diablo series is very different from other RPG games. The action tendency is very strong. The games of this period were mainly based on Turn-based games, which Diablo broke the framework of such a conventional cliché.

The system introduced at this time is characterized by a game method called Point and Click that can be played only with a mouse. While existing 90s point-and-click games focused on the convenience of selecting and interacting objects on the screen, Diablo introduces intuitive manipulation methods into real-time action, creating new actionability.

The atmosphere of the Diablo series is very dark. It is also a horror genre, because the gore atmosphere, spooky background music, and cruel and grotesque objects gave considerable fear at the time. Of course, now there are many horror games that feature many horror games and show graphics such as movies, but Diablo 1 showed a great deal of fear considering its time. Diablo was a really scary game because I was also very young at this time.

There are so many fans of Diablo series. The games in the Diablo series are very well-made and fun, so they are gaining popularity among them, and it is a wonderful story that has captivated people. The story of the game gives a sense of immersion, such as watching a novel or movie, and the Diablo series shines even more due to various wonderful settings. Next, I will explain Diablo's story.

The Story of the Diablo Series

The story of the Diablo series has a wonderful background and a worldview. Once upon a time, nothing existed in Diablo's worldview. But there was only one pearl. Inside this pearl was Anu, a collection of everything, and Anu, a spiritual being made up of all the elements of the beginning, shook off all the negative elements from himself in pursuit of purity and perfection. The negative factors that were shed at this time were hatred, destruction instinct, fear, sin, falsehood, anguish, and pain, which were united into seven-headed dragons.

The seven-headed monster dragon is named "Tathamet". Anu and Tathamet, who each became absolute beings of good and evil, fight over time. After a long fight, the two exhausted their power. The last two to strike each other were killed, Burning Hells emerged from Tathamet's corpse, and the Seven Demons of Hell emerged from the Seven Heads. Since then, demons have continued to emerge in hell.

At the place where Anu died, Anu's upright spine became the tower that supported the heavenly system. It became called the High Heavens. Since then, five archangels have emerged from his five virtues. And at the site where Anu and Tathamet fought a duel, a structure called Pandemonium was formed, and at the center was a jewel containing the tremendous power of the world stone. To have the power of this world stone, High Heavens and Burning Hells are engaged in endless wars.

The game is played against the backdrop of such an attractive story, and it is really fun to play the game while watching the story.

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Diablo II

All the games in the Diablo series are followed by stories. Diablo 2, the successor to Diablo 1, tells the story after Diablo's fall. Diablo 2 has a somewhat brighter atmosphere compared to Diablo 1. However, it maintains a production that can feel fear, and even if it gets a little brighter, the fear of the dark atmosphere is fantastic. Background music further enhances this sense of immersion, and the background music that changes for each act makes the production smooth.

Through this quality of work, Diablo II gained huge popularity. Twenty years after its launch, many users still use the game, and many people enjoy Diablo II even after Diablo III is released. Therefore, Diablo II's remaster news makes people very excited.

Diablo II is a well-made game that was also listed in Time magazine's 50s video game, and I also enjoyed playing it. Let's find out what changes as Diablo II is remastered this time.

Diablo II: Resurrected

The game, scheduled for release in 2021, is a remastered version of Diablo II. However, the game has changed so nicely that it can be called a remake beyond the level of a remaster. Due to the significant increase in graphics in the game, the system specifications required by the game are also high. Diablo II's framework has been maintained, improving many of the areas where players have complained of discomfort.

The convenience was greatly improved, increasing the size of the warehouse that was always lacking, and improving the convenience associated with the character's ability. My favorite part was the function that automatically allows me to acquire gold coins, and I really liked that I didn't have to pick them up one by one. The game will be released not only on PCs but also on other video game consoles, which unfortunately do not support the cross-platform. It's a shame that my friend is using PS5 and I can't play with Nintendo Switch.

Today's conclusion

I'm really waiting for this game to come. These days, the number of games to play has really decreased, so the new release of this interesting classic game is always welcome. If more information is released in the future, we will collect related information and rewrite the post before the game is released. I hope my long writing helps you. I write a post about the game. Also, I run a website related to 카지노사이트, so if you are interested, please visit my website.


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